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Classic Rock 103.5...the rock & roll you love from the 60s, 70s & 80s.
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Sunday February 07, 2016




We Promise

At Classic Rock 103.5, because you listen to us, we promise to listen to you. You can give us feedback anytime with suggestions, complaints, comments or even compliments here.  

At 103.5, we NEVER talk over the songs we play. Classic Rock 103.5 hires people who love the music as much as you do, and we do everything we can to make music listening enjoyable for you. Kind of like satellite radio, only we don’t send you a bill every month.

At 103.5, we don’t do a lot of silly contests and giveaways on the air. If you want to win money, play the lottery. If you want to call the radio station and hear yourself screaming on the air because you won a free oil change, there are already a lot of stations that do that kind of thing and you’re welcome to do that if you want to. Just not here. WHLM-FM is in it for the music. Sometimes we will get stuff give away, and we’ll do that right here on the website. But not on the radio.

At Classic Rock 103.5, a Commercial Free Hour happens almost every hour, all day long. We keep our commercial count low (since we don’t have to pay for all those contests) and arrange the breaks so that we can start an hour long music set in just about every hour. Some of our sponsors actually underwrite these Commercial Free Hours, because they love the music as much as we do.